Rachel and Mark

 Rachel is a fellow equine photographer who needed some website shots for her business, and of course wanted some cute photos with her favorite horse, Mark. This had been rescheduled once already because of rain, but luckily we had a beautiful evening this time! It was still a hot and muggy Florida summer day, but we were just grateful for clear skies.  Mark is a five year old Thoroughbred and was a great model for us! Rachel is more accustomed to being behind the camera, but she was a natural at being in front of the camera as well. I loved capturing the strong bond these two have. Rachel actually took Mark to one of his first shows at Clarcona Horse Park a few months ago! It was so fun to witness the relationship between these two both in the show ring and at their own barn in Clermont, Florida.  Here are some of my favorite shots from this session. 

Life of a Small Business Owner

Have you ever wondered what it's like to own your own business? It's something I've dreamed about for years. I love the idea of creating my own schedule and having the flexibility to plan for what I want in life. The idea of running a business sounds great, but you never realize how much work is truly involved until you're in the thick of it.  This past weekend I covered my first hunter/jumper show on my own as the official photographer! I've been working for Andrew Ryback Photography for years, but branching out on my own has been something I've been trying to do for a long time. There have been times where I've second guessed myself and let opportunities slide by, but this time I finally followed through.  The show was for the Greater Orlando Hunter Jumper Association, held at Clarcona Horsepark. I spent the days prior preparing by getting T-shirts with my logo made, creating flyers, making goody bags for clients, ordering more business cards, and gatherin

Jesse Black Background

This was my first black background during this crazy COVID time! With more free time, I decided to start pursuing my photography business again. Luckily, being at Equest Farm, there are a ton of gorgeous horses I have the opportunity to photograph! I started by doing a session with Jesse, who is a 17 year old Quarter Horse. He was bred for racing, but now he's the slowest horse in the barn. Equest Farm has been his home for the past 9 years! He does not like the company of too many other horses except his new buddy Nugget.  I approached this shoot with more of an artistic approach as requested by Jesse's owner, Susan. Jesse and Susan have been a pair for such a long time and are so adorable together! Jesse has a great personality that I tried to capture with these photographs. He is a pro at standing still, so we only needed a lead rope around his neck. Jesse was the perfect model! Jesse's Favorite Treats: watermelon, bananas, and sweet potatoes. Not a fan of s